Playfair Events are passionate about giving amateur golfers a true taste of what it feels like to be a pro. The ‘wow’ factor is apparent from the second you arrive at one of our events, and the sense that this is an experience like no other will grow throughout the day.

So many of the elements that make up the day will be familiar to an amateur from watching their golfing idols play …plugging a tee into the ground whilst hearing their name echo around the course.  Being recorded playing their opening tee shot by a professional film crew who continue to capture a host of magic moments as they progress around the course.

With big prizes to be won on every other hole (think luxury Lexus Cars and golfing holidays abroad), every round has the capacity to enhance your life for the better!

It’s Your Day

Hosting your own golf day is a fantastic way of putting your brand front and central to senior business decision makers when they are at their most relaxed and receptive. There are real and potent benefits to be achieved by cementing an annual date in Playfair’s diary.

Stay ahead of your competitors with a golf event of the highest order improving your public image, entertaining employees, increase your customer engagement and brand awareness.

A golf day is the perfect opportunity to say thank you along with raising valuable funds for your chosen charity and being recognised for doing your bit for your community.

PlayFair Events can help you create a special golf day in Wirral, Merseydide and Cheshire, please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Establish A Budget

Most businesses will already have a budget in mind for their golf day. The amount you wish to spend will determine your venue, the number of participants and will influence factors such as prize giveaways catering options and whether you want a presentation event and evening entertainment afterwards. PFE are in a fabulous position to maximise your investment, making every penny of your budget work harder.

We have great relationships with most Championship venues throughout the country and can always achieve great rates when booking directly with them. Helping with prizes, trophies and the evening presentation is all part of the service, so you can rest assured, you’ll certainly achieve more from your day and your budget than ever before.

Create A Charity Event In Your Business Name

 The most popular and trusted solution for corporate golf days – A Charity Fundraising Golf Tournament.

Who doesn’t like to donate to a worthy cause from time to time, especially when it involves a round of golf at a top prestige course!!

If you have a group of elite clients, employee’s, or potential clients you would like to entertain, then all you need to add is a Charity of your choice…and PFE will take care of the rest!

 Once you have named your chosen charity, we then discuss the endless venue options you have available, we do all the liaising with that particular course, and once a date has been agreed, PFE will design a poster based on your options outlining the time, place, format and structure of your event, you can then send this out digitally to all your clients, inviting them to take part in your unique fundraising golf event.

 Participants will of course pay their own admittance fee, usually per four-ball.

This is a fantastic way to entertain your clients in a unique and exciting atmosphere, offering them “A day in the life of a professional” and inviting them to take part in a fundraising tournament like no other. Not only will your clients see you as great hosts, but you will be recognised as doing your share for charity as PFE can provide plenty of sporting items and memorabilia for auction along with golfing equipment and other prizes, all of which will raise funds that can be donated to your charity of choice.

 And remember… Your clients are paying for themselves… You no longer need that budget!!!

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